“Bringing God’s kingdom to young people”


As a church we place a very high value on ministry to families. Children and teens are a special gift from God, and we believe that he views these earlier years as very important and formative.

We have assembled a team of pastors, leaders and teachers who are committed to this cause of helping to bring young people into a loving relationship with Jesus.

It is also our desire, as we minister to young people, that we bring them in touch with the destiny and plans that God has created for them. We believe that the Lord wants to raise up a generation of disciples who will follow him with all their hearts, and who will stand up for truth and righteousness in this dark world. God desires to equip them for this task, so that they can become the pastors, teachers, evangelists, prophets and parents of tomorrow.

Becoming Worshipers: Training young people to become worshipers of God is one of our highest priorities. Each Sunday for children, and Thursday for teens, a time of worship, celebration, and ministry is provided that is specifically geared to their age group.

Community: It is also important that young people come together with their own peers to share their faith and experiences with one another. We are committed to helping young people learn to experience and develop healthy relationships with others.

Student Ministries

“ALIVE” A Light In Various Environments

Where FAKE is dead and the REALITY of who we are and what we aim to be is awakened. We are ALIVE!ALIVE w acronym

OUR MISSION IS:  We seek to provide an atmosphere of fun, spiritual growth, and authenticity for junior high and senior high students.  We provide conduits by which students are able to connect with God, each other, and our church to impact our community in a lasting manner for Christ.  We desire to partner with parents to prepare students for life’s journey with Christ as their guide.



  • Develop character as well as recognize and strengthen our God-given talents.    Galatians 5:22-23


  • Show love by serving inside and outside of the church.    1 Peter 4:8-10


  • Develop and strengthen our relationships with Christ.      Psalm 91:14-16


Students can come & expect a relevant biblical lesson with a realistic application. We spend much of the night in small groups where relationships are formed and the lessons, as well as life, are evaluated and discussed.

Fun will not be compromised! We also spend a bunch of time playing music, eating snacks, karaoke, playing crazy games, and investing time in our local community.

WHO & WHEN:  Junior teens 
(grades 6-8) meet Wednesday nights from 7:00-8:30 at our Lynbrook campus.  Senior teens (grades 9-12) meet Thursday nights from 7:30-9:30 at our Rockville Centre campus. Both groups meet for a time of worship, Bible study, prayer and fun, all while learning to serve each other and  the community.
*Contact us for summer schedules and special events.

College considerations

Get Money for College: Important financial information when preparing your child for college. College is expensive and this article will help you think through what is important when applying for financial aid. Motley Fool

College without going into debt: Click here for an article on thinking through how to get a degree without going into huge debt. Motley Fool

FAFSA tips from Dave Ramsey’s daughter Rachel don’t confuse what is free from what is a loan. Rachel has some other great advice for your teen so check out her web site.

Children’s Programs

 Vineyard Kidz is a children’s ministry dedicated to bringing the kingdom of God to children.  Our goal, in partnership with parents, is for our children to come to know and grow in their relationship with Jesus.

Kidz classes are held during all Sunday services at both campuses. Any one of the greeters at the door will gladly direct you where to go.

These ministries are staffed by volunteers in good standing in the Vineyard Church. All have had background checks.

If you have a heart for children/teens and would like to serve in either of these very important ministries please contact the church office.


Kids can learn about finances click here for a kids program hosted by Warren Buffet.

Schools don’t teach our children much about managing money. It is easy for them to get caught in the cycle of more is better. Make it a point to teach your children what the Bible says about money.