Click on Debt Free to watch an interview with Jacinta on how the Financial Peace class changed the way she used money.

Here’s an interview with Laurie on living debt free:

What was your financial situation like before Financial Peace University? – 10,000 in credit card debt, including small car payment. I used credit cards to supplement my income because I thought I didn’t have enough money.

How did your spending habits change after FPU? – I learned how to budget for the first time ever. I did not buy anything that was not budgeted. And I learned how to re-evaluate my expenses and cut down on some costs.

Did you cut up your credit cards? Yes

Was that hard to do? Yes – I did them 1 week at a time.

What were you afraid would happen? That I would need something and would have nothing to buy it with, but that didn’t happen. I found out I did not need the credit cards.

How did you pay off your credit cards? – I sold gold jewelry for extra money. I kept a tight budget so anything extra went straight to credit card payments, using the “snowball” system.

How long did it take? About 20 months.

Where are you now financially? – I am debt free! And saving now for 3-6 months of expenses, which is “baby step #3”.

Full Scholarship for College Students

Click the above link for information on Berea College a school that gives full scholarships to all students. This is a great alternative to going in debt to get an education.


Kids can learn about finances click here for a kids program hosted by Warren Buffet.

Schools don’t teach our children much about managing money. It is easy for them to get caught in the cycle of more is better. Make it a point to teach your children what the Bible says about money.



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