Vineyard Institute (VI) was created to integrate hands-on training, ministry experience, spiritual formation, and academic understanding with an uncompromising commitment to excellence in Biblical-theological, ministerial and spiritual-formational training.

Our instructors are experienced pastors and recognized theologians committed to Vineyard-style ministry, experts in the fields that they teach.

  • Vineyard Institute is a two-year, part-time academic program.
  • We offer courses in Biblical studies and theology.
  • Our faculty is made up of professors qualified and experienced to teach at university and graduate levels.
  • VI courses include interpreting Scripture, church planting, leadership, preaching and teaching, power ministry, counseling, spirituality and many others.

We offer a distinctive, cutting-edge, and empowering curriculum that allows students pragmatic training in church leadership as well as challenging studies into spirituality and theology.

VI will offer three Certificates:
1. Advanced Certificate in Biblical Leadership (30 units)
2. Certificate in Biblical Leadership (15 units)
3. Certificate in Biblical Studies (15 units)
All courses have a value of one unit each

This is a great opportunity to get training with the Kingdom of God dynamic being a foundational teaching and practice throughout the courses.