We are a community of people who desire to grow as followers of Jesus Christ and to live lives of integrity and authenticity. We want to be relaxed and real in all we do, to be “naturally supernatural” (that means healing the sick in Jesus’ name and also being able to balance a checkbook!)


We believe that the Bible is God’s Word to us and we ascribe to all of the historic creeds of the Christian church. Yet we also believe that the way we package our faith should be culturally relevant, appealing to the style, needs and culture of our generations.


Our Beliefs

You can find an indepth statement of our belief & core values in the


Our Values

The Word of God
We want to hear the Word of God taught in a practical, inspiring way, in conjunction with His current prophetic word. We aim to hear and obey God’s word to us, and to be “doers of the Word” who are being transformed into the likeness of Christ.

We desire to worship God with our whole being, and want Jesus at the center as our Lord. We are hungry to know God’s presence, hear His voice and follow hard after Him. We desire Spirit- enabled worship in a style that is intimate, dynamic, culture-current, and life-changing.

Caring for the poor
We believe that God’s heart goes out to the weak, helpless, impoverished, oppressed, and needy, and that He has commissioned His church to care for them.

Equipping the saints
We believe that all Christians should be trained to “do the works of Christ.” We are committed to the “show and tell” model of on-the-job training, in which trainees are introduced to doing ministry functions with trainers and then are taught during and after the training experience. We aim to provide training for all aspects of responsible Christian life and ministry.

Practicing Christian unity
We are convinced that all who belong to Christ are one in His Body, the Church. We aim to maintain unity by honoring all who call on Jesus’ name and by seeking reconciliation with all parts of the Church.

Ministering in renewal to other churches
We desire to serve the Body of Christ around us through renewal, equipping and other helpful means.

Starting new churches
We believe that the best way to expand the Kingdom of God is through the planting of local churches. It is our desire to plant churches with a vision for planting other churches, with the same vision, in their Jerusalem, in their Judea and Samaria, and to the furthest recesses of this world.