The Vineyard Movement is a worldwide, eclectic mix of people, backgrounds, and cultures ­ all with the same purpose: to follow as best we can in the footsteps of Jesus.


The movement began as a group of only a few people in Southern California, burnt out by religion, but inspired by the “Jesus Movement” (a revival in the 1970¹s that led to thousands of 20-somethings to faith in God).

Frustrated with their church experiences, they focused on the goals of worship, relationship and healing, and experiencing God as a living, life-changing person and not just a theory.

Since that time, the Vineyard movement has been called “one of the fastest growing church movements” and has become respected as a valuable part of the Church worldwide.

The Vineyard Movement Now

The Vineyard is now a growing worldwide collection of churches; 550+ in the U.S. & 1,500+ churches worldwide (North, Central and South America, throughout Europe, Africa, Southeast Asia and Australia).

Our core values, worked out differently for different churches in different cultures & contexts, hold us together as a community:

* The Theology and Practice of the Kingdom of God
* Experiencing God
* Reconciling Community
* Compassionate Ministry
* Culturally Relevant Mission

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